Feral! 2011 promotional mix - Breakbeat

hey good people.  I was asked to put together a mix for a Feral! promotional disc.  This is a breakbeat mix, something I generally don't get to perform live.  Those of you unfamiliar with the breakbeat genre may experience involuntary foot-tapping or head-nodding.  Those of you familiar with the genre are already awesome in your own way and require no further affirmation from me.

Go dance!

Do I even still use LJ?

Evidently not.  I've been using Twitter, even though I rant about how badly the system is misused from it's original intended purpose: to tell people what you are DOING.  Then it because what you are reading, what you are listening to, what you are thinking... and then it slid off into "Well we're all busy reading each other's tweets and commenting on them back and forth to the end effect of having a gigantic pointless group discussion about nothing."  Which is, as it turns out, what Twitter has actually become.  So that's that.

I've also been playing games on Steam, after visiting buddies in the US who convinced me to join Steam so I could play Chime, which is a whole buncha buncha fun game and a fine way to waste the only life that I've been given.  If you play on Steam then lemme know and I'll add you to my buddy list so that I can eventually ignore you over there as well.  Word of warning: I do not play first-person shooters because I royally suck at them. 

Lastly, I have decided to change my focus of work yet again.  The career that I was previously so secretive about has de-materialized.  Now I have impending education that I will be equally secretive about (Don't Ask and Don't Tell both apply to my personal life, as per usual).   Safe to say that a pony is not going to be employed on a yearly basis until at least 2015, if all goes according to plan.  I don't feel the least bit bad about this, for the time being.   I worked my tail off trying to hunt down work with my last career and it got me all sorts of annoyance and relatively little money.  Once I actually HAVE some goddamn money (any year now would be fine, plzkthx) then I'll worry about what to do with it.  At least my car is still road-worthy.

Upcoming Feral awesomeness

So Feral is just around the corner, and the usual awesomeness is all set and ready to go: i.e. my DJ set is all tweaked and ready to make your pants dance.
There is other musical awesomeness that I'm not even sure that I'm allowed to talk about yet, but it involves the song "Break Your Heart" by Taoi Cruz, which you have probably heard on the radio if you listen to any kind of pop radio these days.  Which brings me to my observation for the day:
People who do transcriptions of songs to play on guitar seem to have no goddamn clue what they are doing these days. 

In case you ever wanted to know how to play Break Your Heart on an acoustic guitar, here's how:  Apply a capo to the third fret and play Am F C Em over and over and over again, that's it.  (Now collect millions of dollars for writing a catchy radio song). The good (and obviously deaf) people over at have suggested playing the following:

Am G C
D Em C G

and so on and so forth.  There is no goddamn G in this song AT ALL.  Also, putting the capo on the first fret means playing Bm and F#m (and if you're using a capo why bother playing bar chords at all?) 

I should get paid to do this.

still kickin'

Hello sports fans.  Just wanted you all to know that things are still reasonably fine with a pony. 

I'm currently on extended gasoline-burning friend-visiting down-time, slowly making my way toward my new residence.  As per usual, I'm keeping details somewhat vague because I've just gotten used to doing so.  As annoying as it might be in this age of voluntary divulgence and microblogging of every movement someone makes, I'm still playing my cards close to my chest. 

The important thing is I've gotten to catch up with friends whom I still call friends even after extended periods out of contact, and I've gotten to say thankyou to people for whom it was far overdue. 

Oh and yes, I -am- going to Feral.  Haven't missed one yet.  :)

I listen music in the car

and when I do, I listen to

Hey Lucius, this is almost as good as CBC radio3.  They even played a Blitzen Trapper song today, with just vocals and piano.. they couldn't possibly screw that up live, could they? They also play Canadian music on here, which was a bit of a shocker when I heard it :)

bend an ear towards them, peoples.

t-shirt idea

Someone needs to make a t-shirt with the letters
on the front

It might be even better if there was a slight kerning error that slightly separated the I from ANAL.  MIGHT be.